Film Director Jan used to live in Maidenhead and was a one time drama student at South Hill Park Arts Centre. So it was an added pleasure for the BFS to have shown her very originally plotted film 'Ruby Blue' twice at our own venue. The film had a beautifully rendered performance from Bob Hoskins complemented by his co-star, the distinguished French actress Josiane Balasko. Jan was kind enough to come to Bracknell on both occasions to introduce the movie and answer society members' questions. The websites given below represent only a small sample of the material available.

During his long evenful film career Vic has received many awards. He has been honoured with a Star on the “Stars Walk of Fame” in Palm Springs California (address 266 South Palm Drive, Palm Springs), a BAFTA, an Academy Award ( Science and Technology Award division), a World Stunts Taurus award (the Stunt Oscar). He is a member of the Stuntman’s Hall of Fame. He is in the Guinness book of records. He also became a This is Your Life recipient. When I contacted him that's all(!) he could recall. He will be hosting Saturday Night at the British Film Institute on May 2nd, an evening to celebrate Cubby Broccoli's Centenary including a showing of one of the Bond films Vic worked on, plus a selection from other Cubby Broccoli films he has worked on. Vic is also hosting the dinner that follows.

As you can see, for such a busy man he is very approachable. There isn't very much we can add to the extensive information available on the web that describes Vic's fascinating film career. I have however selected two websites from the many that amply describe his résumé. Vic's mother is a member of the Bracknell Film Society but I doubt if Vic can find the time to pop over from LA to join her at a BFS film showing!

Her own take on the subject of FILM MAKING
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